Turn insight into Action!

We are here to help women and youth to
have a say on governance issues and be empowered.


We are a Community Based Organization registered in Kenya under section 10 of the NGO Coordination Act 1992. We are partnering with various stakeholders to promote Peace building initiatives, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Conservation measures, Youth and Women Empowerment and Socio-economic Inclusion.

Separately, we strive to work closely with Youth Groups by sensitizing them on their role in promoting Good Governance within the Country. We aspire to be an International Non-Governmental Organization with ability to mobilize Youth Groups across the Continent and organize intra-continental exchange programs. These, we believe will promote Cohesion, make them appreciate diversity, tap into opportunities and appreciate being Citizens of Humanity.

30.3 Million Km²

Land Mass Size

226 Million Youths

Youth population in numbers

1500 - 2000 Languages

Indigenous Languages

41% Poverty Index

A myriad of challenges

1.2 Billion


Governance Problems

Corruption, Human rights violations, Lack of capital for youth, conflicts and insecurity.

Committed to the African Youth Dream!

Pax-Africana Youth Initiative was conceived when a group of Young African Leaders from different Counties within Kenya met and realized that their communities were facing similar challenges. These young men and women – who are young professionals in diverse sectors - realized that they were all facing similar challenges despite their ethnic diversities. Extensive deliberations led them to realize that their destiny, as youth, was indeed intertwined. They resolved to begin sensitizing the youth in various Counties within Kenya about their untapped abilities and strength in unity before rolling it out to the rest of the Continent hence the name Pax-Africana!


We are a Community Based Organization focused on Youth Empowerment advocating for a more crucial role of the Young professionals in agitating for good governance within their countries.

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